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Board of the Chamber

The Board of the Chamber is the highest performing organ of the Chamber; it secures the directing, organisation and managing objectives of the Chamber, mainly:

  • it convenes the General Assembly, prepares reports on materials for its agenda,
  • it is responsible for the List of Members of the Chamber and List of the Authorised Restorers, performs registrations in them and among the Board’s members appoints a responsible member for keeping of the Lists,
  • it decides about the inscription and deletion from the List of members and issues certificates about professional and ethical competency of a restorer and of an authorised restorer for execution of restoration activity (§ 5 section (3) of the Act),
  • it decides in disciplinary procedures about appeals against the Disciplinary Board’s decisions,
  • in social cases it approves lowering of the basic registration subscription,
  • it approves the Examination Rules and agrees on members of the Examination Commission,
  • it appoints internal specialised commissions by the organs of the Chamber and according to needs establishes advice and expert get-togethers, assigns tasks to them, directs their activities, appoints and recalls their members,
  • for outside it delegates its members to specialised commissions for evaluation of quality and results of restoration which are appointed by specialised organisations and comments on their activity directions,
  • it puts together and to the General Assembly presents for approval proposal of the Chamber’s budget, assures its accomplishing and elaborates the annual balance,
  • it constitutes the Chamber’s office, agrees on its structure and purpose, contracts of employment and salaries of its employees,
  • it regularly informs its members on the activities of the Chamber and for this purpose it secures study, documentation and publishing activities

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Members of the Board of the Chamber

Mgr. art. Barbara Davidson, ArtD.

Vice president:
Mgr. art. Juraj Puškár

Doc. Mgr. art. Sylvia Birkušová
Mgr. Peter Gomboš, akad. mal.-rest.
Mgr. art. Peter Šimon


Act no. 200/1994 Coll. Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic on the Chamber of Restorers and on the performance of restoration activities of its members and the Statutes of the Chamber of the Restorers are located on the Legislation subpage.