Our mission is to save cultural heritage


  • According to this Act, restoration activity means a specific artistic activity, which is a sum of
    performed works on cultural monuments or collection items, which are works of art of painting,
    sculpture or applied art (hereinafter "restoration").
  • The aim of restoration is to prevent the material decay of the artwork as much as possible and to
    make its spiritual, content value accessible with the highest degree of respect for the originality,
    physical, historical and aesthetic integrity of the material substance and artistic form of the work.
  • Restoration of works of painting, sculpture or applied art, which are a collection items, may be
    performed only by restorers who are members of the chamber.
  • Restoration of national cultural monuments may be performed only by restorers registered in the list
    of members of the Chamber,
  • Restoration is a regulated profession, the performance of which is conditioned by the fulfillment of
    qualification requirements for education and professional experience and which, on the basis of
    membership in the chamber, is associated with the use of the professional title restorer.